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Maybe, it’s not so

lonely at the top

“With Chris, I have a seasoned executive I go to with tough issues - whether  strategy,  leadership, people or operations - without worry that his concern is anything but my success."


A note about Chris Ohman

As  your executive advisor and coach, Chris brings over 25 years in executive leadership roles  building teams, creating strategies and driving execution.  A banker for nine years who then transitioned to finance and general management leadership roles in healthcare, Chris’ record is one of delivering strong growth, both organic and through acquisition. He brings a deep understanding of public policy and the challenges of operating in regulated environments.  He is actively engaged in board roles.


Chris is a California native where he and his wife raised two children.  Chris is an avid outdoorsman.

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Finding That “Ah-Hah” Moment

Searching for what might seem a small insight that proves to have tremendous impact on your thinking, decisions, leadership, actions, relationships

It’s Your Agenda

We shape the agenda through direct conversation, questions, and exercises to ensure we get to the core of what’s at play

I work for you -- not your board or your boss

You Be You

A place to say whatever you want; however you want.  Process half baked thoughts, vent without consequence


I reflect back honest truth -- thoughtfully but consistently


Contract designed to ensure periodic check-ins that our work is valuable.  If not, we take a break or stop.

Additional Services

Classic coaching services such as 360-degree reviews and team building. Confidential corporate development and strategy research.



“Chris would often  answer a question with a question -- to make sure I learned and owned the answer.”

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